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[v3] How To Setup Syncing

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2015 03:35PM CST
Starting in v3.4 of Stock + Pro and Stock + you can setup the app to sync watchlist data between two or more Macs using iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

Important Requirements

All Macs must have access to the same iCloud Drive or Dropbox account
There is currently no iOS app, so Mac <---> iOS is not supported yet
iCloud Drive requires OS 10.10 Yosemite or later and is not available on OS 10.9 Mavericks

Getting Started

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to set up two Macs to sync watchlist data using iCloud Drive.  The process is nearly identical for Dropbox.

Step 1: Make Sure Both Macs have iCloud Drive enabled

On both Macs, open System Preferences >> iCloud and verify that iCloud Drive is turned on and both Macs are logged into the same Apple ID account.


Step 2: Make Sure Both Macs are running the latest version of Stock +

Version 3.4 or later is required for syncing.  It is best to keep the app updated to the very latest version available at all times to ensure greatest compatibility.

Step 3: Select Mac with Latest Watchlists

It is not possible at this time to merge two Mac's watchlists into one, so pick one Mac and start with it.  The watchlists on that Mac will be used on the second Mac.

If Mac #1 has watchlists A,B, and C and Mac #2 has watchlists X,Y,Z.  Using Mac #1 will replace the watchlists on Mac #2 so #2 would have just ABC (XYZ would be gone).


Step 4: Use "Save To"

Open Stock + on Mac #1 and go to File >> Save To

Choose a location in your iCloud Drive folder.


Step 5: Switch to Mac #2

Step 6: Use the "Open..." Command

On your second Mac, start Stock +.  Go to File >> Open...  Select the saved file from Step 4.  If all goes well, your second Mac will refresh and start using the watchlists from your first Mac.  


If you are having issues getting two or more Macs to sync watchlist data try these troubleshooting hints.

1.) Reread the above directions and make sure you follow them explicitly.  If a step does not make sense, do not skip it.
2.) Open Finder on each Mac and navigate to iCloud Drive (usually a shortcut is available in Finder's sidebar).  Verify that the .spdata file is present on both Macs.  If it is only visible on one Mac there may be an issue with iCloud and/or your internet connectivity.
3.) If the Stock + data file is visible on both Macs in iCloud Drive but changes from one app are not appearing in the other app, try quitting and restarting Stock +.
4.) If there is no Stock + File menu, check the app preferences and make sure "Show App in " includes the Dock.  If there is no dock icon while the app is running, there will be no File menu.

Other Notes

While you can have two or more Macs running Stock + at the same time using a synced watchlist it is recommended to only use one at a time.  This helps to cut down on potential conflicts where you may make a change on an iMac and then make a change on a Macbook at the same time.  In general, these types of conflicts are minimal.


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