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Import Symbols from CSV File

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 03:24PM CDT
Starting in v3.7.4, Stock + and Stock + Pro make it easy to import batches of symbols from external sources.

Go to File > Import > CSV...

An Open Panel will display.  Select the CSV (comma separated value) file on your Mac.

What if I don't have a CSV file?
Most financial software will let you export to a CSV file.  Sometimes this might be called an export to spreadsheet.

With your CSV file loaded in the app, you will see a screen like this:

On the left side is a table showing the contents of the CSV file.  To the right of that is a list of potential symbols to be imported into the app.

The app will automatically scan the CSV file for headers in the first row position.

For example:
Symbol, Current Price, Date, ...
Siri, 5.3, 2017/06/23, ...

If it finds any headers that match Symbol or Name it will use those to pre-populate the list to import (right table).

You can alter what column is used by clicking on any of the columns in the left table.

In the right table, you can refine the list of potential symbols by clicking on a row and pressing the backspace key or the trashcan item to delete.  This is useful for clearing out any obvious errata.
When you are satisfied with the Right table, click the Verify button.  The app will look up each of the potential names or symbols present to see if it can find a match with the data providers.
There are three possible results that will be displayed next to each row.

A green checkmark indicates that an exact match was found.
A yellow warning sign indicates that several matches were found and the app is using the top result.  This may be incorrect, so you can check the Quote value if it displays to verify that the search was successful.
A red X indicates that the app was unable to match the input with what the data providers support.  This row will be ignored when you Import.

The last step is to click the Green Import button.

A new sidebar watchlist will be created named "CSV Import".
Special Notes
The importer has a limit of 300 symbols.  This app is for personal use only.
The CSV file should use a comma as the separator.  If it uses anything but a comma, reformat it with a spreadsheet program.

The importer works great with Investoscope CSV files and Yahoo Finance Portfolio CSV files.  Happy importing!

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