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Start at login not working

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2013 09:18AM CST
If you have ticked the preference for 'Start at login' either in the welcome screen or in the preferences and the app does not start when you login/restart/startup your computer there are a couple of possible solutions.

  • Confirm that the app has not started by opening up Activity Monitor (Cmd + space key to open spotlight, then type in "Activity Monitor").  If Stock + is among the list of running applications it is possible that there is another app's window covering up Stock +.  If it is not covered up by another app it may be possible that there is not enough room in your menubar for the ticker to show.

  • If you have confirmed that the app is not running, then it is likely that the Stock + app has not been indexed by spotlight yet.  This is essential for OS X to launch Stock + at login.  In order to force spotlight to index the app go to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy.  Drag and drop the Stock + app into the privacy table, then immediately delete it.  This will force spotlight to index the app.

If you require further assistance, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

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